Higher Education Development Research Institute of Nanjing Tech University (Institute of Higher Education Development, referred to: IHED), founded in March 2015.It aims at actively participating in the construction of higher education think tanks and makes that exploring how to build a path of world-class university and world-class discipline as its mission. Furthermore it focus on the field of the high-end talent cited education, first-class discipline construction, innovation of the talent training ,  talent evaluation mechanism, technological innovation policy and so on. With a global perspective to carry out theoretical research and policy advice, we can contribute our wisdom of the Nanjing Tech's workers and take many measures like the followings that learn from advanced development concept of international higher education , inherit the blood of Chinese culture and innovate the development path of higher education, so that to run the world's level of modern higher education with Chinese characteristics. On the other hand, for not only that Nanjing Tech establishing the buffer base of the overseas talents and advancing the implementation of the global promote strategy, and but also that the early realization of the University strategic objective, which is "comprehensive, research-oriented, globalized", it can provide theoretical support and decision basis.